Some people enter your life in a whirlwind and no matter how hard you try you can’t stop thinking about them, even after they leave…especially after they leave. —F. Scott Fitzgerald (via wordsnquotes)
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the wind changed, the first day that you came through

This is a shitty ass graphic because I may not be a bad rper, but I’m a terrible graphic maker. But please don’t let it make you think that I love you any less, because I really don’t, I love you guys so much and wow 200 followers ahhhh, it amazes me so thank you for following me!

now everything that’s ever gone before, is like a blur and it’s all because of you

chuckbassrps - You’re my Ryder, what can I say? I love roleplaying with you, be it Heights!Kyder, Forbiddenlove!Kyder or Gapyear!Kyder. I also love our AU chatzies, even the Finn/Kitty one we did, which was super weird. I feel like we’re just always on the same page with everything and I love talking to you and I’m looking for cake recipes for your “thank you for always starting chatzies” cake that I’ll give you when we meet up <3 

shayleywrites - I feel like i have to write one for you, even though you might not ever see it, but you’ve been such a good friend of mine for so long. You mean the world to me, and I love talking to you and we should do it more, and I’m sorry I suck that I’m never on Skype. But you’ve helped me through a lot and I wish we’d rped together at some point, but it’s okay and ily x

puckleberryhelper - CASSIEE. You are probably one of the biggest rays of sunshine and cupcake I know. Your Rachel is flawless and I love doing Wildeberry friendships with you (Wildeberry enemyships are still fun, but they hurt more so). Keep being amazing and ilyy <3 

kittyhudsonrps - okay so this is awkward because to find your new URL, I looked through my outbox for a message I sent you and I found one I sent to your new URL where I introduce myself bc I didn’t realize it was you and omg I’m really embarrassed and I’m sorry but I actually love you? You’re the Kitty to my (kinda shitty) Puck and our Puckitty gives me feels all the time and ugh they’re actually really hot and I can’t wait for things getting more serious now that they’ve said the L-word and AHH feels. 

broadwayrps - okay first of all I really love your name (cossettecossetteCOSSETTE UGH IT’S AWESOME) and secondly, I love talking to you so much! You’re always my go-to to talk about Broadway and musicals and I love our rants about who they cast as Cinderella because they caN’T GET THAT RIGHT EVER and about how you hate Christian Borle because he cheated on Sutter and how I like him despite it and you’re just awesome please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise <3 

dylanhemmings - We need to do that Stydia at some point because HOT DAMN I miss roleplaying with you. Our Kyders used to make me cry and still do tbh and you’re one of the most awesome people ever and you need to stop being a stranger and talk to me pls? <3 

'cause even though the flower fades something takes its place

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and in the forest i’ll make my home, lay down my heart on an ancient stone

and my 200th follower, glitzyrps!

Thank you so much , all of you, and please please please, if you ever want to talk, plot, rp, or just fangirl with me, drop me a pop. I love you all! 

and if my heart should somehow stop, i’ll hang on to the hope that you’re not too late…

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go back to your mike vogel tag you have no respect


thats it. my characters are all done with yours.

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excuse me im trying to bring up a very important issue here we cant have bram without heather morris anyway so like. keep. up.


are you sassing me?

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Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me. —A novel written by me. (via princessariel2323)
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Me: so she like lived in a forest, hunted, and stayed away from men.
Idiot: same.
Idiot: yes, i'd make friends with the squirrels.
Me: would kill them and eat them. YOU ARE A HUNTRESS.
Idiot: oh nvm what a savage. i thought she was like snow white god.
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That makes sense. As long as you feel like you can get through it, take the high road, then go for it. But if it does get worse, it is your rp so you should be happy playing in it. I totally get why y ou would feel that way but some people are just set in their ways, it’s not your fault. I think you’re super nice so psh, don’t worry about it.

I can. I mostly just keep it in or bitch about it on the sidelines, then I can handle it. I get mad about it for ten minutes and then get over it, for the most part. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING THOUGH. People are set in their ways and it’s always been like that where I play Brittany. Oh my god, idk if she remembers but you should ask Kylie about the one time she joined an ask rp for me to help me deal with stuff like this. I AM A BIG MEAN FEROCIOUS LION I’M NOT NICE AT ALL.

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OH I got it. Have you said something to them or do you now want to? Because it really shouldn’t be like that. Even if they don’t like Sam, it’s an rp, he’s there, things will happen differently. Hand them a bridge and tell them to get over it.

I don’t really want to, because I don’t like to make a big deal about it. And the Sam doesn’t seem actively bothered by it yet, so I don’t really have to. It’s just annoying me, so I get frustrated about it in conversations and then to get anons like that just push me over the edge. But it really shouldn’t be like that! Whether I’m Sam or Brittany, I play them nice to everyone despite who I don’t like.

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